On a Rope (Bolts)

Brian (8c+) at Anstey’s Cove

Welcome to Tijuana (8c) at Rodellar

The Death Star (8c) at Cheddar Gorge

Geminis (8c) at Rodellar

Chimera Extension (8c) at Anstey’s Cove- First Ascent

Fallingwater (8c) at Cheddar Gorge- First Ascent

La Kanabica (8b) at Rodellar- onsight

Alter Ego (8b) at Rodellar- onsight

Cuchills for your Finguers (8b) at Rodellar- onsight

Kervala (8b) at El Chorro- onsight

On a Rope (Trad)

Just Revenge (E8 6C) at Anstey’s Cove

Stars Wars: The Triology (E7 6C) at Cheddar Gorge- onsight

Try to Remember (E6 6B) at Cheddar Gorge- onsight

Wayne (E6 6B) at Ash Hole- flash

Cream Topping (E6 6A) at Anstey’s Cove

Above Pads

Dark Matter Stand (V14) at Magic Wood

Deepthroat (V13) at Magic Wood

Fatman (V13) at Fontainebleau

Fou Rire (V13) at Fontainebleau

Prepossanne (V13) at Ash Hole

Come Back (V13) at Ash Hole

Thumb Wars (V11)- Flash

No Liberty (V11) at Magic Wood- Flash

Indoors and Competitions

BUCS Championships 2015/16- 3rd

Devon Youth Open Bouldering Series 2011/12- 1st

Devon Youth Open Bouldering Series 2012/13- 1st

National Colleges Climbing Championships 2013- 1st

British Winter Open Youth Event 2014- 2nd

BMC Leading Ladder 2011/12- 3rd

BMC Youth Climbing Series- 1st

BMC YCS (Round 1) 2013- 1st

BMC YCS (Round 2) 2013- 1st

BMC YCS (Round 3) 2013 –1st

BMC Youth Climbing Series South West Region 2013 – 1st

Bristol Bouldering Championships 2014 – 3rd

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