Ferocity Re-ticklist…

Recently I’ve been trying to get back to Anstey’s a little more between training… for more training. I’ve set a brief goal of trying to repeat all of the routes on Ferocity Wall by the summer. However this all depends on how my training is going with regards to summer trips and time constraints but it’ll be fun to give it a go and I’d also like to try a training link which I’ve never through I’d be fit enough for but now may be a good chance to give it a go. My ticklist for Anstey’s so far look like the following:

  • Iridescence 8c
  • Tuppence Extension 8b+
  • Tuppence Ha’penny 8b+
  • Tuppence 8b
  • Patpence Ha’penny 8b
  • Patpence Extension 8b
  • Patpence 8a+
  • The Cider Soak 8a
  • La Creme Direct 8a
  • La Creme 7c+
  • The Lynch 7b+
  • Cream Topping 7a+/b
  • Devonshire Cream/Flo Rida 7a+
  • Devonshire Cream 6c+

I also managed to film some of my routes last Saturday:


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