Chimera (8b+)- First Ascent

In order to get a little stronger before my trip to Rodellar I have been spending a lot of time at Anstey’s Cove trying to build some more power and strength! After doing all of the routes on Ferocity except the desperate Brian, I turned my attention to an obvious link which was still awaiting a first ascent. The line follows A Fisherman’s Tale (8b) up its first boulder which weighs in at around Font 7C, then you get a bad rest and then its probably around an 8b route from there to the top reversing the Postman Pat crux traverse and then up Tuppence. I named the problem Chimera and am now excited to try a new extension to it which could well be 8c? Anyway I’m looking forward to trying this upon my return from Spain!

First Ascent of Chimera 8b+

First Ascent of Chimera 8b+

I also had some time to film myself doing Patpence which is a slightly easier variation to the classic Tuppence.


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